Enema of the State is the Best Album of All Time

Released in 1999, Enema of the State by blink-182 is the single greatest album of all-time. Blink-182 is one of the most influential bands in music history; there is no doubt about this.

Nearly every contemporary punk band (Green Day, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, etc.) has cited both the band and this album as one of the most influential pieces of music in their career. It is not hard to see why this album continues to get the praise that it does.

Enema of the State has amazing hit singles and songs that have stayed on the charts and in our hearts since the day the album came out. “All the Small Things” is an instant classic with one of the most iconic choruses of all time; “What’s my Age Again” is a hilarious ode to immaturity and youthfulness; songs like “Don’t Leave Me” and “Going Away to College” capture the perils of high school romance; the song “Adam’s Song” provides a sad lamentation on teen mental illness, but ends on a hopeful note that will leave you in tears. Each and every track brings something special. Each song makes you feel like a teenager again: the ridiculous mood swings, the lack of logic, and the youthful energy are all perfectly conveyed throughout the album.

Not only is the music great, but the music videos are even better. “What’s My Age Again” has one of the funniest music videos you will ever see: the band runs through the streets completely naked and causes mayhem wherever they go. “Adam’s Song” has a music video that emphasizes the tragedy of suicide and serves as a perfect warning for the dangers of suicide. “All the Small Things” is so self-aware and hilarious that it’s impossible not to like.

The level of superb songwriting and pure energy has yet to be matched in any album prior or after. There is not a single aspect of this album that could be improved. While I love hundreds of albums, none come close to Enema of the State. All the small things make this album great: everything from the last 18 seconds of “Dysentery Gary”, to the small whisper at the beginning of “The Party Song”, make this album amazing. When life just sucks, remember that tomorrow holds such better days.