French Fries Review

French fries are an art created by God. Although fries were given the name “French,” it’s origin was not exactly from France. WE MUST THANK THE BELGIANS! Those beautiful beings are the famous french fry creators. The work that they put into cutting the fries is the reason they are called French. Yes, although the impeccable creation is from Belgium, the cut is french, thus explaining the origin of their name. 


 We decided to try the french fries at our local fast-food restaurants to determine which place has the best overall fries. We tried fries from Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s, Zaxby’s, Steak and Shake, and Burger King. 

To make this competition fair, we first tried each place’s fries with no condiments, to grasp how good the fry is by itself. Then after ranking each of the french fries at their base, we added ketchup to each. The overall ranking is as follows: 

  1. Zaxby’s Fries

Our ranking- 4/10 

 We initially believed this was going to be the best french fry. A small fry cost $2.13, the highest price overall. The box packaging was very nice and ensured that no fries would spill out into the bottom of the bag, but made it difficult to absent-mindedly snack in the car. The fries tasted soggy and lacked the salt that an excellent french fry has. It made it necessary to have a sauce with this fry. The presentation was the reason it got the four points. We do not recommend this fry. 

4.Steak and Shake 

Our ranking- 4.25/10

We had to take into consideration that these fries are meant to be dipped in milkshakes. The fries were tiny,which was suitable for the snackability, and they had excellent packaging. They were a tad bit flimsy, which was concerning since they are made to support a thick milkshake, and they tasted a little rubbery. The pricing was similar to the rest of the fries, coming in at $1.92. We recommend condiments or an ice cream to accompany this fry. 


  1. Wendy’s 

Our ranking- 4.5/10

Although our experience at the local Wendy’s was a 10/10, their fries were not. At the drive-thru, we were greeted with excitement and a kind voice, but the fries were not as friendly. Wendy’s fries were almost tasteless and very skinny, not to mention the fries came mostly burnt. These fries were also $1.92 for a small, which seems to add to the pattern of the others. Their lack of salt made a huge impact on our decision. Most of the points were due to the customer service and the overall idea of a french fry.


  1. Burger King 

Our ranking- 7.5/10 

Burger King came ranked second with their amazing fries. The presentation of these french fries was immaculate and very handy. The box was the perfect size to fit into a cup holder for on-the-go access. The french fry itself was the perfect size in that it was very thick and dense. Ideal for supporting any condiments that you wish to add. The saltiness of the Burger King french fries was terrific, and for the price of $1.92 compared to the others made the overall experience all worth it.


  1. Mcdonald’s 

 Our ranking- 9/10

 Mcdonald’s has always been a controversial fast-food chain globally. You either love it or hate it. When we retrieved the fries, we had no expectations for what rank it would get placed in, but the results were spectacular. Mcdonalds was the last fries we tasted and had already been disappointed by the ones that came before it. When we first tried the fries, we were immediately taken aback. They were not only the perfect amount of salt and potato; they were GODLY. We had a moment of silence to take in what we had just consumed. The price was $1.81, which also surprised us the most because, for this quality, the price seemed lower than what it actually should have been. The only reason we deducted a point away is because of the packaging that it came in. It was paper-based, so the grease could seep through, and not suitable to fit into a cup holder. Overall, the Mcdonald’s french fry surpassed all other chains we went to and became the grand winner.