Intentions by Justin Bieber ft. Quavo

Justin Bieber and Quavo’s new music video for the song “Intentions” shows the astonishing and unique perspectives of three women across the world. Not only is the music video heart-warming and adorable, but the song itself is one that you would want to hear on repeat.

Not only is the song empowering and fun, but the music video also features three women with rough histories. The first woman in the music video, Bahri, was born in Saudi Arabia. Her mother worked three jobs to bring her kids to the United States for a better life and more opportunities. Her mother wanted her kids to get the education that she never was privileged enough to have. Now, she lives in Chinatown, a small neighborhood in New York City. She has to borrow a car or has to ride the bus for 2-3 hours every day just to get to school. Near the end of the music video, Justin Bieber generously gives her a car, which she receives gratefully and with lots of happy tears.

The next woman, Marcy, was raised in the foster care system and became a teenage mother at the mere age of 19. She escaped an abusive relationship and an unsafe, unstable home for her kids. Unable to find a safe place to live, Marcy and her kids had to live in cars and hotel rooms. Wanting to support her children, Marcy attended college at the age of 24 and began working to support her family. 

“I just want other people to have a place where they can go to and talk to each other,” Marcy states in the video. 

She has strong opinions of the foster system after being raised in it, so her intention is to help others who also struggle in the system. She wants to find resources to help them thrive while also advocating for foster rights. 

The third woman, Angela, left her life in Ohio to pursue art in Los Angeles. Though she expected a dream, she endured homelessness, which still remains a threat to herself and her family. Her children and grandchildren can also be harmed because of this too. 

To give back, Judy Vaughan, a founding member of the Alexandria House, which houses women and children, decided to raise awareness and shed light on more of the problems that so many face today. In honor of these three women, an INTENTIONS fund has donated a generous $200,000 to support the families of these women and many others in need. 

In all, I think this song was an amazing way to provide some awareness to these problems and to shed light on issues that many around the nation face. The song is also great and I have a strong feeling that his new album is going to be better than expected.