Should Minors Vote?

Cartoon on the controversy including minors and voting. Source:

With elections coming up in the next few months, everyone who is politically aware is starting to think about who they are going to vote for in November. 

Generation Z has become a very aware and open group of individuals. Many teenagers are very open to discussing their political views and are not afraid to tell the world. Thus the big question “Should Minors Be Allowed to Vote?” has resurfaced once again. This has become a very controversial topic in our day and age.

There are many people who believe minors should not have the right to vote because their brains have not fully developed yet, and have not yet come to the maturity level to be able to decide who our future leader will be. 

 “As much as I’d like to vote this election, there are too many minors that only base their decisions off of their family’s opinion as well as there aren’t enough mature 16 year olds” Livi Wold, a student at Lambert High School expressed.

Adding to what Wold said, many believe adolescents would take voting as an opportunity to joke around and not take this matter seriously. For example, in 2016 there were people who wrote they voted for Harambe, the deceased gorilla instead of voting for an actual candidate. 

At the same time, there are many who believe minors should have the right to vote. Their reasons include how many adolescents are actually very educated and have taken time to do research. Not only that but, many teenagers in generation Z believe that their generation is the future therefore they should have the right to vote if it will influence their life. 

“I believe that the policies put in place affect OUR future, so who better to vote than US?” Abby Settipani, a student at Lambert High School stated.

We asked people to vote yes or no, if they believed minors, 16+ should be able to vote. According to a poll posted on the Lambert Post Instagram (@lambertpost), 37% votes “yes” and 63% voted “no”.