Urban Outfitters is Overrated

Urban Outfitters is a well-known retail brand that has clothes that are a little more expensive than they should be. Contrary to popular belief, we think that Urban Outfitters is overrated.

For example, the brand includes overly expensive apparel such as the Urban Renewal Vintage Oversized Overdyed Tee which is $34; it is a plain white tee. While it may be made out of nice materials, that much money for a white tee is unreasonable. In comparison to a white tee found at Walmart for $8.50, any sane customer will not want to waste $34 on a white shirt.

Another example of overpriced clothing from Urban Outfitters is this UO Haverford Printed Midi Dress that retails for a whopping $89.00. While the dress may be made out of high-quality materials and have a nice neckline, the colors, the patterns, and the shape are the least flattering things especially when put together. The green pattern on the torso makes the body look unproportional, and the place at which the dress cinches makes the dress look like it was made and worn by a preschooler. The blue pattern in the middle of the front and the back of the dress seem completely random, and it only makes the dress look more chaotic. The patterns seem very 2000’s but not in a good way. Even though it has a flowy and free vibe, the length would also make a short person look even shorter. While the materials and neckline are not half-bad, the dress is overall kid-like and unflattering.

In total, just trying to buy something as simple as a plain white tee would completely decimate someone’s entire wallet. Frankly, it’s insane how much people are willing to pay for ugly clothes sold by big-shot companies.