Why Optimistic Nihilism May Be A Great Philosophy To Follow

One day, long after you have died, nothing you have done will matter or mean anything whatsoever. Every single effort and accomplishment will mean nothing.

In most people, these words strike a chord of terror and repulsion that causes them to immediately reject these claims. Many turn to God, but that does not work for everyone. What do those people do?

The answer is Optimistic Nihilism. This is a philosophy that essentially states that since there is no meaning and no purpose to life, whatever purpose we give and whatever principles that we find meaningful are the only ones that matter: if you follow this philosophy, you focus on what matters to you and nothing else. The philosophy views the meaningless of life as a freedom rather than a restriction. Since you only have one life and a limited time to enjoy it, you should do whatever it is that makes you happy.

I have personally found this philosophy to be incredibly helpful. It really helps you to deal with the smaller disappointments in life and many of the let downs. If you find yourself dwelling on things too often or you find that little things really get to you, this philosophy is the way to go.