“Avatar: The Last Airbender” Season 3 Announced

Screenshot in Season 3, Episode 15 of the cast of Avatar watching a theater performance. (Courtesy of Nickelodeon/Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Screenshot in Season 3, Episode 15 of the cast of Avatar watching a theater performance. (Courtesy of Nickelodeon/Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. If you read these four words with a certain voice in your head, it sounds like the iconic series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is making a return.

The original series followed the main protagonist, Aang the Avatar, and his journey in re-establishing peace amongst the four elemental nations. Throughout his journey, as both the Avatar and the last airbender of his nation, he is accompanied by a memorable and diverse set of characters all coming from different nations.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender,” also simplified as “Avatar,” has another chapter of the show that is predicted to come out sometime in 2025. 

The series will debut a new chapter of episodes with a new cast of characters. The chapter of the show will focus on the next cycle of the Avatar, which will feature an Earthbender as its protagonist instead. Along with this, a movie focusing on the original cast in their adult life will also be premiered around this time. 

Despite the original series’ debut in 2009, the fandom and support for the show is still going strong. The show resonates with fans of all ages despite its target demographic of being for children. “Avatar” tackles heavy issues such as genocide, racism, propaganda and many more that may fly over the heads of young children. But these dark themes along with the light-heartedness of the show is the reason for why the show resonated with such a large audience. 

Lambert junior Adithya Ravichandran is an avid fan of “Avatar.” He was excited to hear about the return of one of his favorite shows. 

“I feel elated,” Adithya said. “It’s been such a while since I’ve seen the old characters.”

This is not the first time Avatar has made a return. The series’ first return was in 2012, called “The Legend of Korra.” The show has a similar premise, with even a few characters of the original cast. While the show was successful, many viewers agreed that the show severely underperformed in comparison to its predecessor. 

However, the new chapter of the show will have a whole studio dedicated to the production of it, unlike “The Legend of Korra.”

“My biggest concern is that in ‘Korra,’ they strayed from the plotline,” Adithya said. “Some of the characters weren’t relatable. Aside from that, I feel like whatever story they decide to use is going to be best. And between PG and darker audiences, if they make it a darker [theme] that’s great, if not, I’m still fine with that.”

For many students of Lambert, the show is a core memory for many of their childhoods. To see the show continuously thriving, even in their teen years, is sure to make many of them happy.