Epic success in DECA


Used with permission from Amanda Mathis, DECA sponser

DECA team smiles proudly after serving up a huge dose of Lambert pride at the DECA region competition.

2016 Region DECA competition was held on January 21st with a total of 23 students eligible to attend the contest. These students have worked hard to learn the materials of different parts of marketing and trained themselves to enter the event, representing our Lambert Pride. Due to their overflowing knowledge, 13 students have successfully placed at the Region DECA competition and are moving onto the State competition at the beginning of March.

“I’m glad to have joined DECA during my high school years. I really think it is beneficial for me to learn and experience the reality of marketing, especially the fashion field of the course.” says Lexi Hill, a Lambert student enrolled in fashion marketing with Ms. Mathis. “I’ve actually started to realize how much interest I have towards the club and the curriculum. Also, participating in fashion shows would also be helpful for me personally because I actually model for certain companies from time to time.” continued Hill. This marketing organization has provided enough skills to be established by each student along with their own achievements.

DECA: Distributive Education Clubs of America is one of the biggest clubs found here at Lambert which is associated with the marketing programs. Not only are the marketing students highly encouraged to participate, others students from different departments are also welcome to join. The members will be eligible for National DECA programs and Georgia DECA scholarships. Three sponsors, Ms. Amanda Mathis, Ms. Emily Toothill, and Mrs. Ali Gerlach, lead the members into huge success each year with many but various events. The elected officers and the members perform activities including competitions, field trips, leadership conferences and other services to take part in a national wide program throughout America.


1st place:

Katherine Clarke- Automotive Services Marketing Series

Emma Noble- Business Finance Series

Madeline Lawrie- Principles of Marketing


2nd place:

Laura Hancher- Accounting Applications Series

Andrew Mapes- Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Lucia Morris- Business Services Marketing

Shea Murphy- Job Interview

McLain Meriam- Principles of Business Management & Administration

Calla Philips- Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series


3rd place:

Emilee Skillman- Food Marketing Series

Keller Boston- Hotel & Lodging Management Series

Sophia Williams- Marketing Management Series

Ali Braithwaite- Restaurant & Food Service Management Series