FBLA is all business as they sweep the competition for the region

Members of Lambert FBLA beam as they are feeling victorious after their success at the Region 11 Leadership Conference.

Used with permission from the Lambert FBLA twitter

Members of Lambert FBLA beam as they are feeling victorious after their success at the Region 11 Leadership Conference.

The Lambert FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America, attended the Georgia FBLA Region 11 Leadership Conference last week, and claimed many accolades. The highly successful chapter at Lambert was awarded 3rd place in the region. They also walked away with 64 individual medals, the award for Largest Chapter Membership, and the chapter was a finalist for the State Monopoly Tournament. The chapter currently has 386 members.


Who is the FBLA? They are the largest and eldest national organization that serves as preparation for students wishing to acquire a career in business. The Georgia FBLA is currently the largest chapter in the nation. It has a membership of over 27,500 students. At the FBLA national level over 250,000 students participate. FBLA prepares each student by hosting conferences to support their development of leadership skills to use in the workplace. There are competitions for over 150 specialized business areas. Members compete at region levels in hopes to advance to state and eventually national levels. Find out more at the Georgia FBLA website.


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Here’s the full list of Lambert students who competed:


Accounting I
Stuart Reese – 11th

Banking & Financial Systems
Shayan Merchant (Team – 2nd Place)
Kahan Parekh

Lucca Nader (Team – 3rd Place)
Brandon Thurmond

Business Calculations
Hari Pingali – 1st
Tyler Radtke – 12th
D J Barber – 14th

Business Communication
Maddie Campbell – 4th
Lexie Batko – 8th
Tina Qin – 12th

Business Ethics
Gowri Krishnan (Team – 5th Place)
Erin Kim

Business Financial Plan
Mehul Kumar (Team – 1st Place)
Gaurav Shah

Taylor Lee – 8th
Abby Fox – 9th
Cameron Reaves – 10th

Emerging Business Issues
Tina Qin (Team – 4th Place)
Cameron Reaves

Amitesh Chandra (Team – 1st Place)
Austin Ray
Mahima Siripurapu

Trey Arnold (Team – 3rd Place)
Emerson Burd
Conrad McEvoy

Global Business
Hari Pingali (Team – 5th Place)
Pranay Prathipati
Chandan Yendamuri

Hospitality Management
Lauren Mattingly (Team – 1st Place)
Mackenzie Morrissey

D J Barber (Team – 3rd Place)
Tyler Radtke

Impromptu Speaking
Stone Parks – 5th

Intro to Business Communication
Emily Zhang – 14th

Intro to Business Presentation
Lucia Morris – 3rd

Intro to Financial Math
Serena Gao – 4th

Intro to Information Technology
Hunter Lee – 3rd
Jonathan He – 14th

Management Decision Making
Jordan Baker (Team – 1st Place)
Jung Choi
Royce Dickerson

Iresh Mandavia (Team – 3rd Place)
Ishaan Bhasin
Jithu Tirumala

Tyler Ray (Team – 4th Place)
Molly Williams

Management Information Systems
Sai Kilaru (Team – 1st Place)
Sayuj Shajith

David Lee (Team – 3rd Place)
Alexander Moldenhower
Nirai Mohankumar

Royce Dickerson (Team – 4th Place)
Shea Murphy
Maggie Toland

Personal Finance
Kahan Parekh – 3rd
Dalia Aly – 15th

Public Speaking I
Kashish Kharbanda – 1st

Public Speaking II
Siyu Gao – 1st

Social Media Campaign
Alena Locurcio (Team – 3rd Place)
Colin Masterson
Drew Traldi

Sports & Entertainment Management
Brayden Segat (Team – 4th Place)
Srivishno Vaideeswaran