Future scientists discovered at LHS


Photo by Lambert High School Facebook Page

LHS Science Olympiad team smiles bright at the camera as they take on their region competition in downtown.

Lambert is full of recognizable talents of those enrolled in Science Olympiad along with their successful times spent at the region competition at Georgia Tech on March 12th, last Saturday. These following future scientists have been putting much effort in to keep their focus tight for each of their accomplishment. They have developed themselves to move on to the state competition held in April and are preparing more than ever to further advance as professionals and their knowledge in the science field. Most of the students were able to partner up with each other to create the best result within their hands as high school students. These outstanding accomplishments brought back to the school continue to amaze the staff of how incredible the longhorns are. The school itself is constantly growing with the students, taking a step forward at a time together, living the moments of each school year.

1st Place:
Dynamic Planet – Megan Kaiser & Natalie Shih
Experimental Design – Harshitha Tadinada, Sadhana Durbha, & Stephanie Tian
Forensics – Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy
Fossils – Sadhana Durbha & Stephanie Tian
Invasive Species – Sadhana Durbha & Stephanie Tian
Disease Detectives – Chris Jackson & Gouri Rajesh

2nd Place:
Green Generation – Megan Kaiser & Jackson Harris
It’s About Time – Prem Kurumpanai
Protein Modeling – Jackson Harris & Natalie Shih
Cell Biology – Janani Guru & Milan Patel
Geologic Mapping – Atithi Patel & Janani Guru

3rd Place:
Cell Biology – Harshitha Tadinada & Jackson Harris
Hydrogeology – Debby Song & Harshitha Tadinada
Experimental Design – Maya Patel, Milan Patel & Gouri Rajesh
It’s About Time – Mehnaz Ruksana & Swapnil Lad

4th Place:
Disease Detectives – Debby Song & Natalie Shih
Write it, Do it – Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy
Anatomy & Physiology – Maya Patel & Milan Patel

5th Place:
Anatomy & Physiology – Giwoo Kim & Lala Rao
Bridge Building – Ayushi Solanki
Green Generation – Atithi Patel & Anchal Kumar

6th Place:
Chemistry Lab – Megan Kaiser & Jackson Harris
Dynamic Planet – Anchal Kumar & Maya Patel
Fossils – Mehnaz Ruksana & Swapnil Lad

7th Place:
Geologic Mapping – Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy

8th Place:
Forensics – Ayushi Solanki & Chris Jackson

10th Place:
Bridge Building – Sadhana Durbha & Stephanie Tian