Humans of Lambert


Kelly Yoon

Our new senior president is more than ready to serve all students, all staff and the school for the next school year.

“Over the course of high school, I’ve changed most in how I try to extend my comfort zone. Like any person, I am usually hesitant when I am attempting something unfamiliar. That’s normal. However, I’ve learned to ask myself, ‘Why don’t I want to do this?’ Every single time, my mind starts to spit out excuses. Never are those excuses legitimate, and after I recognize that, I move forward with my task. Every single time, I am proud of myself for ignoring that fear and afterwards always grow, as a result. Expanding my comfort zone has been my greatest development, leading to new experiences and greater self-confidence. I never thought I’d be in a fashion show; I never thought I would dress up in a turtleneck or wear a blonde wig for a presentation. But I went on and did those things. I encourage everyone to continuously push their limits because if you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t growing.”