Humans of Lambert


Elizabeth Findley

Lambert sophmore, Chris Kratzer, discusses his hard past and what he has learned.

“Well… just don’t trust people. I mean sometimes people can be good but you just can’t assume that people always are. I used to be this shy little kid, because I didn’t trust anybody. Now, I’m usually cautious about the people I talk to. I don’t not talk to somebody because I’m afraid of them, I just don’t get too close. I’ve just been so hurt- from my birth parents and the foster homes, like my parents beat me and my mom cut me. I was like, ‘You’re supposed to be my mom.’ But I do want to see my mom; she’s my mom. I guess I forgive her. I just want to see her so I can say, ‘Yeah, I’m still alive.’ I feel that more good will eventually come from this because it’s changed who I am, but at this time, it’s just bad. At the foster home, the only time we ever got out of the house was when we went to church every week. We didn’t have a choice of anything. If I were to wake up before 9:30 AM, they would be like, ‘No, you’re bad.’ You would get Mr. Black or Mr. Brown. Those are two belts. Once I started going to church this year, I definitely grew comfortable with the people there. I realized that, ‘Wow, there are good people.'”