Incredible talent, remarkable faith, and all around astounding; Lauren Pearson

Dance, leadership, smarts, and more.


Photo by Lael White

Lauren Pearson: The nicest girl you will ever meet.

Lauren Pearson is one of these most amazing people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Just being near her makes you strive to be a better person. She is hard working and determined, it is because of these qualities that she has made all of her goals into a reality.

Lauren started dancing when she was three years old. When she was eight she performed for the first time in the Nutcracker, not long after this performance she decided to take a break from dance. Her sixth grade year, she decided to once again pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. within the next year of her “comeback” she was asked to join the accelerated program. Her freshman year of high school she reached the ranking of Jr. Apprentice the following year, Apprentice, junior year, Jr. Company and this year being her senior year, she reached the highest level of Company. Lauren has been dancing point ballet for a total of 13 years for the North Atlanta Dance Academy, a very technical and advanced school of dance. Her week always consists of at least 18 hours of dance and each year she performs in the Nutcracker, the fall showcase, the spring showcase, solo variation dances, dances with a partner, and many other shows.

Along with her remarkable talent for dance, Lauren is graduating with a 4.3 GPA and has taken 9 AP classes throughout her high school career. Lauren says, ” Every day I get home from dance at about 9:30, I eat dinner, and at 10:00 I start my homework, which takes me a long time because of all of my AP classes, it’s a miracle if I get to bed at 12:00. So I get roughly 5-6 hours of sleep a night.”

On top of all of this, Lauren is the social media organizer for Sonlight for Kenya (Instagram-son4kenya), one of the only teen Community Operations Volunteers for Operation Christmas Child, a church leader, Editor and Chief of the Yearbook, writes her own blog, and runs her own Christian Instagram account.

Lauren’s blog, The Blush Girl Blog, is a Christian based blog on which Lauren hopes to use to witness to others, and help Christians make their faith stronger.

Lauren runs her own Christian Instagram account, Spiritual Strength (spiritualstrength), which she updates at least twice a week. Lauren posts her own pictures and writes verses, quotes, etc. to put on top of them for Christians to have a daily dose of Christ, she hopes to expand her followers as she is almost at 500. Lauren has been to Honduras and Costa Rica for mission trips and is going to South Africa this summer.

Lauren is a church leader at North Point Community Church. Her freshman year she led a small group consisting of only third grade boys. Her sophomore year she lead a group of four year olds in Waumba Land, a Sunday school at North Point for little children, each year Lauren has lead this same group of four year olds and is now leading them in Up Street, a Sunday school for elementary students.

Lauren will be attending The University Of Georgia next year and is majoring in Public Relations. Lauren hopes to one day work for a nonprofit Christian organization and hopes to continue dancing in some way in college, however not as her career.

After getting to know Lauren better during this interview, I am left with only one thought; praise the Lord this world has people like Lauren Pearson.