Interviewing Students About Their Favorite Bands


Yesterday, two members of The Lambert Post went around and asked students what they thought about ten popular bands. The bands we asked about were My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, The Beatles, 5 Seconds of Summer, Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Nirvana, Gwen Stefani, and Metallica.

My Chemical Romance

The first band we asked kids about was My Chemical Romance. While we did not have many people who knew who they were, the few people who did have incredibly polarized responses.

Some people hated the band due to either their popularity or their emo sound. “They’re terrible mainstream garbage,” said one student when asked why he hated the group. Another stated, “They’re just so trash.”

Others adore the band, with their music being the main draw.

“They brought pop-punk into the mainstream again … also [The] Black Parade slaps,” said one student when asked why she loved the band so much, and another said, “they have catchy music that I’ve been listening to since like 7th grade.”

Panic! At The Disco

The next band we asked kids about was Panic! At The Disco. A lot more people knew the group and were mostly overwhelmingly positive.

“I like the band because they’re good even if you don’t like their music that much,” said one student when asked why she liked the band. One of our staff members, Obshree Saravana, was asked about her opinion on the group, and she was ecstatic about the band.

“I love Panic! They’re so good! The song ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies is so good!'” said Obshree.

The few who hated the band tended to be the same people who hated My Chemical Romance, citing similar reasons for hating the group: “They’re really goth,” said one girl when asked why she didn’t like the band. Guess Brendon Urie’s eyeliner was too much for her.

The Beatles 

The next band we asked kids about was The Beatles. Many love the group, and very few had a negative opinion on the band. Most of the kids who liked the band seemed to love them mainly because they grew up with them.

“Me and my dad always listened to them since I was a kid, so I love them,” said one student.

Those who didn’t grow up with The Beatles tended to like The Beatles because they were incredibly iconic.

“They’re just so well known and good … even though I don’t really listen to them, I still think they’re cool,” said one student.

5 Seconds of Summer

Next, we asked about 5 Seconds of Summer. Most girls who were asked about the band tended to love them, but most boys tended to hate them. One boy did like the band a lot, but it was mostly due to a girl he liked in middle school.

“I like them because a girl I liked in middle school told me to listen to them … so then I got really into them,” said Josh Rapp.

However, one girl said that she didn’t like the band because “One direction is better.”

Elvis Presley

Surprisingly, many had not heard any songs by Elvis Presley songs and were neutral or did not like him. People either thought he was overrated or had no opinion.

“Everyone talks about him, but I don’t know any of his songs at all … I only know ‘Hound Dog,’ and it’s so boring,” said a student.

One student liked Elvis due to his rich, smooth voice, saying, “His voice is just so deep and resonant, and I love listening to it.”

Another student who liked Elvis said that “‘Blue Christmas’ is great, so he’s cool.”

Fleetwood Mac

Most people did not know Fleetwood Mac, but those who did loved the band.

“Fleetwood Mac is my everything oh my god they are so good,” said one student when asked about the band. Many members of the Lambert Post love Fleetwood Mac.

“I love them so much … they are one of the best bands ever,” said Chaney Duskin, our Sports and Entertainment Editor.

A lot of people seemed to love the song “Dreams” by the band, as many cited it as one of their favorite songs by them. Check the song out here.

David Bowie

Most people tended to recognize David Bowie’s name and knew who he was but had not heard of much of his material.

“He’s cool. I guess because I know he was really influential, but I’ve never heard any of his songs,” said one student.

Of all the students that did know David Bowie, only one did not like him, stating, “he is way too 80s for my taste.”

The Post’s Editor-in-Chief, however, loves Bowie.

“All of his songs are amazing, all of his albums are so well-done… what is there not to like?” he said.


Most did not instantly recognize Nirvana, but they did know the words “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” While many students love their biggest song, many more love their t-shirt.

“I don’t know their music, but their t-shirts are great,” said about half of the people The Post interviewed.

The few who did recognize the band thought it was great with comments like “grunge! Yes, grunge is sick.”

Most who did not like the band tended to say that they were too edgy or that they screamed too much.

Gwen Stefani

People’s reactions to Gwen Stefani were incredibly mixed. Many hated her voice and thought she was annoying, with one student saying, “she’s on the same level as Christina Aguilera.”

Others did not like her due to her drama in the public eye and her scandals with Blake Shelton.

“Before her and Blake happened, she was cool. After that, though, she got on my nerves,” said one student.

The few who commented on her music with the band No Doubt, said that “she was great in the 90s, but fell off after that.”


Metallica was the last band we asked students about, and students either had not heard any of their music or disliked the group entirely.

“I don’t like that kind of music … it doesn’t appeal to me in any way,” said one student.

A few others, while never having heard of the band, said that they loved their t-shirts.


Although many love and many hate the bands we listed above, there is no doubt that all of them have significantly impacted the music industry. We’ll continue to listen to these fantastic artists for years to come.