Lambert Girl’s Flag Football

Photo from Lambert Girl’s Flag Football Twitter, Some rights reserved

Photo from Lambert Girl’s Flag Football Twitter, Some rights reserved

The Lambert Flag Football team is back and better than ever! Starting off their season with a 12-0 win against Allatoona, the horns are off to a strong start.  The team has come back with a variety of older and experienced players, along with new players who have a heap of potential.

The players are working hard to keep their strong offense, along with the same momentum they exhibited last year. Looking further into the season, some of their major goals are the playoffs and state championships. 

In addition, the ongoing rivalry with West Forsyth High School has left the team with unfinished business, as they lost in the county championship last year to them. They have yet to beat them, so this year will be one of hard work and practice in order to come out with a win against West.  

“West was state champion last year,” Head Coach Daughtry says. “That’s the hurdle. We gotta get past them.” 

The games have been described by the coach and players as very tight and difficult; a result of the experience all the teams in the county have.

A significant amount of flag football requires composure and a drive to win. Momentum plays a key role and every opportunity is significant.

“[When] you start to miss flags, [then it starts to] go downhill, and that’s where you really lose them for sure,” wide receiver Kennedy Dean said.

These are not the only aspects that play a key role in being successful at flag football, but the skills such as speed/athleticism that come from other sports such as soccer and lacrosse, help with playing. 

“We pull a lot of girls from a lot of different sports,” Dean says. “Which is one of the best parts of it is that everybody has so many different athletic talents. Soccer girls tend to be really shifty, and they can move really well…we also bring in some softball girls who are quick on their feet. The track girls are also really fast.” 

 Incorporating the external athletic talents allows the team to be able to combine their skills and integrate them into flag football.  The unity amongst everyone on the team helps newer players get used to the team/sport and adjust to their positions.

Looking forward, the Lambert team plans to prepare their newer players for their upcoming games. As weeks go by, the team is bound to show substantial improvement and growth, with the help of the coaches and the experienced players who previously participated in the sport.