Lambert takes on Beta Convention

Savannahs River Street is filled with an assortment of shops and restaurants. The street is most famous for its candy store, River Street Sweets. During their free time, Lambert Beta Convention members stroll around and shop.

Hannah Kim

Savannah’s River Street is filled with an assortment of shops and restaurants. The street is most famous for its candy store, River Street Sweets. During their free time, Lambert Beta Convention members stroll around and shop.

For the first time in the school history, Lambert’s Beta Club attended Georgia’s Beta Convention. This year, the Convention was held in Savannah from Jan. 18-20 for the first time, a change from its usual location in Atlanta . The event is an opportunity for all Georgia high school Beta Clubs to convene, compete in various competitions, and have fun.

Because this time was the first year Lambert had the opportunity to go, many students signed up to attend. On Wednesday Jan. 18, students were dismissed from their fourth period classes to meet up at the student parking lot near the 6000s trailer where the charter bus was waiting. Students loaded their luggage and boarded the bus in minutes, ready to go.

They departed the school around noon, and though the ride was supposed to be only 4 hours long, the trip lasted longer due to a bus malfunction. After a stop for food, the group switched buses and arrived in Savannah around 7 P.M. Some students were dropped off at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center where the convention was held just in time for their competitions. Dr. Maiers, who was judging an event, was dropped off as well.

Hannah Kim
Beta Convention was held in the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, which was located on the other side of the river of the hotel in which the Lambert Beta members stayed. The fastest way across is the ferry. Otherwise, the bridge (not seen) must be crossed.

The rest of the students and Mr. Moses went to the Hilton Homewood Suites, the hotel the group was staying at for the next two days, located on the opposite side of the river, at the end of Savannah’s famous River Street . The famished students went out to eat at Spanky’s, a restaurant on River Street that claims to be the “Home of the Original Chicken Fingers.”

Hannah Kim
The students mill around the lobby of the Hilton Homewood Suites as Mr. Moses checks in the group. Shortly after, they will leave for dinner.

With curfew at 12, the students turned in early to get ready for the next day filled with activities. Everybody woke bright and early to quickly eat breakfast before they went down to the ferry port that was stationed right in front of the hotel. Lambert’s Beta Club joined other high school’s Beta Clubs on the ferry to the Convention Center.

Hannah Kim
Students from other Beta Clubs across the state patiently wait inside the convention center for their competitions to begin. Food stalls line up in front of the windows in case students become hungry.

The students dispersed to their competitions, which included Advertising Design, academic tests, On-Site Art, and Creative Writing, among others.

Taylor Ettershank, a sophomore who participated in the Advertising Design, said, “It was really nice to see the other competitors and see how skilled they were.”

Hannah Kim
Senior Odelia Huang (center, in blue) listens to music as she focuses on finishing an art piece within an hour. Her acrylic piece, which is of the pile of various objects in the background, later earns her a third place.

Some students who did not sign up for competitions had the privilege to explore River Street to be later joined by the competitors once their events ended. As many events began and ended early, the students had plenty of free time to shop, eat, and play games in their hotel rooms.

“On River Street, there was cute little independent marketers selling homemade products such as textiles, jewelry, trinkets, and even beef jerky. I bought a gem stone ring. I got caramel gelato at River Street Sweets,” shared Patrick Bullock, a junior.

Hannah Kim
An assortment of jewelry and trinkets are sold in the River Street Market Place. There are also other souvenirs sold in the many booths that make up the market.

By 7:30 PM, Lambert Beta members were back at the Convention Center for the first General Assembly where the current State Beta officers welcomed everyone, the groups for the special talent and show choir competitions performed, and candidate for next year’s officer positions delivered speeches and presented a short skit.

When asked about his opinion of the presentations, Jake Kwon, a senior, said, “The talent show was amazing! The acts encompassed a variety of cultures and beautifully showcased the vibrant melting pot that is America!”

Though there was a dance after the assembly, nearly all the Lambert students decided to retire to their rooms and enjoy each other’s companies instead. The next morning found them enjoying their second and final breakfast before they boarded the ferry back to the convention for the second General Assembly.

The new officers, who had been voted in the night before, were instated before the winners from the competitions were announced. Despite this year being Lambert’s first time at Beta Convention, there were still five winners, four first place winners and one third place, listed below:

1st place Creative Writing: Tina Qin (12)

1st place On-Site Art (pencil): Stephanie Tian (12)

1st place Banner: Stephanie Tian and Joowon Kim (12)

1st place Academic Test (science): Jake Kwon (12)

3rd place On-Site Art (acrylic): Odelia Huang (12)

Used with permission by Stephanie Tian
Stephanie Tian (12) drew this piece with pencil in an hour. Her artwork earned her first in the pencil subcategory of the On-Site Art competition.

“I was very proud of them and I think they represented Lambert very well,” shared Lambert school sponsor, Mr. Moses. “They didn’t know what to expect, but they stepped up to the challenge and beat very tough competition. Next year, I hope to have our names called ten more times than Northview, have someone run for a state office and win, and meet my goal of having 100 students go.”

Once the assembly was officially adjourned by the new State Beta President, the Lambert students were on the bus, ready to return to Suwanee.

When asked how they feel about the trip and whether they recommend it to others, most Beta members held the common opinion that it was a great experience that everyone ought to experience.

“I would definitely recommend going next year because it was a great bonding experience with other people with the same interests as me. I also got to know and meet lots of people across Georgia,” Ettershank shared.

Christina Sun, senior, agreed, “The whole trip — the convention center, competitions, River Street, and the hotel — was so fun and overall awesome experience! I definitely recommend it to all Beta members.”