Last Lambert Moments: Spring Break ’16


Jessica Borla

Beaches surrounding the Gulf of Mexico are extremely popular destinations during spring break. The picture of this breathtaking view was taken at Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Spring break: possibly the most desired time of the year. It comes just at the time when every high schooler is just done with school. However, as a senior, I, along with most, am DOUBLE DONE! Here are some ways to make the most out of your last spring break as a high schooler.

Plan with your best friends that are going to different schools.
As much as going to college is awesome, saying goodbye to friends stinks. Spend as much time as possible with them, even if staying in FoCo. I personally know some people that have traditions for spring break, where they stay with their same friends in the same place. Enjoy one last go at the tradition! Everyone may find new people in college to enjoy their next few spring breaks with, so don’t take this time for granted.

If staying in FoCo for spring break, make the most out of it.
Although high schoolers can’t say enough that FoCo is the most boring place on earth. But let’s face it, there are some old beloved places that anyone would be a little sad to leave behind. If taking a staycation this spring break, why not get a few last visits out of The Avenues (or “The Collection,” but no one calls it that), where middle school weekends were spent roaming around browsing shops for hours on end? Or how about eating at a favorite local restaurant for the last time for a long time? What about taking a final hike at the Indian Seats? Forsyth sure has some places that will be missed by many.

Start planning, if haven’t already.
With only about 40 days until break, start getting things figured out. When trying to determine where to visit, there are countless options. A Forsyth-fan favorite is Seaside, Florida; join the Forsyth County family once more on the beach. There are so many other destinations to explore too, such as cruising through the Caribbean, touring Europe, or road tripping across the country.

Make it a week to remember.
Don’t sit around, sleep in until the afternoon, or just lay and tan on the beach the whole time, interact with others and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t just be stuck in a comfort zone; get out there, explore, and try new things. Have a blast, but still be sure to stay safe!


I am Jessica Borla, and I am a second semester senior here at Lambert High School. I am SO ready to get out of Forsyth County and go on new adventures in college. However, it has just recently hit me that my whole life that I’ve known here is coming to an end very soon; I do not want to take it all for granted. My column, “Last Lambert Moments”, is specifically for seniors, capturing how to make the best out of the final months, weeks, days at Lambert.