Last Lambert Moments: Things to do before leaving LHS


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Seniors are nearing graduation within the next four months. Make the most of this time before putting on a graduation cap and gown and getting handed a diploma!

As much as going away to college sounds fun and exciting, a piece of my heart will be left at Lambert High School. Lambert is such a comfortable place now that most seniors have gone there for three and a half years, and have to prepare to go into the real world. However, there are a few things at the school that seniors can do to happily close out their high school careers.

Take a walk down the halls.
So simple, but so nostalgic. I’ve been down all the hallways of this school before, but some not for years. Everyday, I just walk the same ways like a robot to get to my next class in six minutes; this will let one break free from just getting from point A to point B and allow for reminiscing. While strolling, students can remember the memories that happened down that hall, the rooms they have had classes in, and where they would hang out with their friends.

Reconnect with old teachers.
Most of my teachers I’ve had at Lambert have been beyond awesome. Before graduating, it’s a good idea to catch up with them; they will enjoy to hear what their old students’ plans for the future and who they are becoming. Don’t take these amazing student-teacher relationships for granted, because in college, it is typical to be in a class with hundreds of others, and professors do not have time to form bonds with every student.

Go to a sporting event.
Support your fellow Longhorns one last time. Football season may be over, but basketball season is still going strong, and soccer and lacrosse are just coming back into season. Appreciate the small, close-knit high school games, because most college games are packed with thousands of strangers. Giddy up!

Grab a crumbly cookie from the Lambert Branding Company once more.
Mornings are filled with temptation when passing the school store. The fumes of delicious cookies take up the air. Never once have I regretted buying a cookie from the LBCo. Savor the sweetness of Lambert in just one cookie, and even pick up some coffee or tea while there.

Get to know everyone in your classes.
There may be students that have unfamiliar faces, but have gone to Lambert all of high school. Get to know them; they might have amazing qualities in them that have been passed up for four years. However, it is never too late to make new friends. Maybe they will last throughout college and into adulthood!

I am Jessica Borla, and I am a second semester senior here at Lambert High School. I am SO ready to get out of Forsyth County and go on new adventures in college. However, it has just recently hit me that my whole life that I’ve known here is coming to an end very soon; I do not want to take it all for granted. My column, “Last Lambert Moments”, is specifically for seniors, capturing how to make the best out of the final months, weeks, days at Lambert.