Scholastic Art and Writing Winners

Lambert Longhorns put another stamp on the country with the Scholastic Art and Writing competition.  Scholastic art and writing is a national competition where students from all over the country submit original entrees for judging. Lambert took home 18 gold keys, 36 silver keys and 27 honorable mentions. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards gives Lambert more student success to be proud of.


Lauren Aubin- Gold Key

Taylor Bahr- Honorable Mention

Kelly Baxter- Gold Key

Carolinie Carruthers- 2 Silver Keys

Olivia Cambern- Gold Key

Elynna Chang- 2 Gold Keys & 2 Honorable Mention

Abby Chechele- 3 Honorable Mentions

Jessica Chung- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention

Olivia Cusimano- Honorbale Mention

Ann Ding- Silver Key

Anna Claire Flack- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention

Kara Furphy- Silver Key

Bhargavi Gundla- Gold Key

Chaney Harman- Honorable Mention

Odelia Huang- Gold Key, 4 Silver Keys & 3 Honorable Mention

Olivia Johnson- Silver Key

Sabrina Kien- Silver Key & 4 Honorable Mention

Elena Kim- Honorable Mention

Sue Kim- Honorable Mention

Susie Kim- Gold Key, 5 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention

June Lee- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention

Sarah Lee-2 Gold Keys, 2 Silver Keys, Honorable Mention

Katherine Lim- 3 Gold Keys & 3 Silver Keys

Gracelyn Mayfield- Honorable Mention

Daniel Park- Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys & Honorbale Mention

Natasha Ramaswamy- Honorable Mention

Solomon Roh- 3 Silver Keys

Lilly Sheppard- 2 Silver Keys & Honorobale Mention

Ava Stapleton- Honorbale Mention

Jenny Suh- Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys

Stephanie Tian- Gold Key, Silver Key

Mallory Watkins- Silver Key

Rina Yoo- Gold Key

Emily Zhang- Gold Key