The masks of life: Next time, Say Something


J'Nea Greer

The mask of silence will slowly consume you and take over you- don’t let it.

I should’ve said bye.

I let her leave and she has no idea the affect she has had on me.

The things she has instilled in me that no matter how hard I try, will forever be stuck with me

I should’ve told her more.

She always asked, she knew it was something and that something was her

I let her leave and the last thing she heard me say was “I’ll be back”

I should’ve been there.

It’s my fault she’s not here. I could’ve done more.

I should’ve done more.

I let her leave and now she’s gone

She’s not coming back and I lost the ability to tell her one last time.

To tell her I’m ok, that she did a good job with me.

To tell her that no matter what people tell her she was perfect.

Maybe not perfect for the world, but perfect for me.


Sometimes if you wait too long to tell someone something, you lose the opportunity all together. This world is full of opportunities and if you don’t take them then they disappear. You have to be in control over what happens in your life. Stand up and say something because in the end it might just make all the difference. Walk through life with no regrets and make this world yours because the embarrassment you might experience if you say something is far less than the pain and regret you will feel if you don’t say something.