Tom Brady: Is His Career Deflated?


Tom Brady getting sacked by New England Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon (October 4, 2021). Brady has suffered 3 consecutive losses, the first time since 2002. Photo courtesy of the NFL.

Tom Brady is a legendary name within the football world. He is considered the greatest quarterback of all time and has won 7 Super Bowls.

However, Brady has been the face of sports drama. Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, suffered a loss to the Baltimore Ravens (22-27), securing his third loss in a row after losing to the Carolina Panthers (3-21) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (18-20).

Fans anticipated the Buccaneer’s game against the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, as this was one of the most critical games of the season. If the Buccaneers were to lose the game, they would be attaining a 4 streak loss.

Football fanatic Armaan Bhasin gave his predictions on the game against the Rams.

“I think he’ll win this game [(Rams vs Buccaneers)] lowkey,” Bhasin explained. “Even though Tom Brady is making history with his three-game skid, I doubt that continues – he wins.”

In the final moments of the game against the Los Angeles Rams, Brady was able to throw a touchdown pass, barely securing the win (13-16).

Although Brady and his team were able to pull through with a win, a three-game losing streak this season was shocking. The last time Brady ever had a three-game losing streak was in 2002.

Football news that circulated around Tom Brady questioned if this losing streak was a sign of the end of Brady’s career.

Looking back to February of this year, Brady announced his retirement. However, he came back after only 40 days. 

Brady can’t get as much fame out of his football career as he previously did when he was in his prime. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Brady running across the football field at 50 years old.

“His decline starts now; we might see a similar situation like Drew Brees,” Bhasin explained. “Regression, not a lack of skill, forced him to retire.”

Many people have opinions on how the Buccaneers can improve.

“Coaching changes need to be made,” Bhasin explained. “Their coach is doing them dirty, and after Bruce Ariens left, it hasn’t been the same.”

Fans can expect Tom Brady to stick around. He will likely retire soon, and changes to the Buccaneers can be expected once Brady retires.