First Junior Varsity Volleyball Game of the Season

August 14th was Lambert High School’s Junior Varsity Volleyball team’s first game of the season, playing against Milton High School’s Junior Varsity team. 


The first round of two rounds began at 5:00 p.m. For a majority of the round, the two teams were at a tie. Eventually however, Lambert lost the first round. The final score was 23 to 25, but there was still another round until the game ended. 


After the first round, the Lambert team recollected themselves and regained their motivation. They returned to the court, ready to redeem themselves. The second round began with the Lambert team taking the lead. They were ahead by 10 points and continued to beat the Milton Eagles. 


After winning the second round 25 to 14, the Longhorns were ready to play against the JV Volleyball team of Centennial High School. However, much to everyone’s astonishment, the Centennial team never showed up to the game. Some players claimed that they had forfeited the match. 


“Well, the team ditched,” an anonymous player said. “Decided that playing was overrated.” 


After switching the sides on the volleyball court, the Longhorns played another round against the Eagles. The game began with the Lambert team moving slowly. They were losing to the Eagles 2 to 6. However, the Longhorns weren’t to be stopped: they progressed steadily. Eventually, the Longhorns claimed their victory by beating them 25 to 19. It was an intense game, and the Longhorn JV Volleyball team’s victory was well-deserved. 


The team’s hard work definitely paid off. The players seem to have great outlooks on the game. Based off of plays of the team, it’s clear that they are prepared to put in the work to succeed this season.