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Clubs of Lambert: Deliverance from Indifference

Andrew Gu, Opinion Section Editor September 6, 2019

In my opinion, the amount of attention that the clubs get here at Lambert is showing a significant bias towards big organizational ones; there needs to be a more equal sharing of opportunity for every...

The Hub for all your Clubs!

The Hub for all your Clubs!

September 6, 2019

Club Rush is a yearly event at Lambert High School that showcases all of Lambert’s amazing clubs. It is held primarily for freshmen, so that they can get a good taste for what they can expect from Lambert’s...

The Step Club dances to music as they welcome in potential members.

New students in a rush at Club Rush

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor August 24, 2017

Freshmen and new students often find the start of school a hectic time of the year. Thankfully for them, Club Rush, held on August 23rd, gives the opportunity to introduce them to the myriad of clubs offered...

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