New students in a rush at Club Rush


Emma North

The Step Club dances to music as they welcome in potential members.

Freshmen and new students often find the start of school a hectic time of the year. Thankfully for them, Club Rush, held on August 23rd, gives the opportunity to introduce them to the myriad of clubs offered at Lambert.

“… Club Rush is a good idea because people get engaged and get more involved in these clubs. It helps in your college resume, actually searching for a club, motivating them,” said Rinishk Ramprakash, a freshman who plans on joining Student Council, HOSA, Humane Society, Key Club and FBLA.

“There are 500 clubs here and it’s amazing because not all the schools have this many clubs. These clubs are very unique and inspiring,” Ramprakash said. Club Rush gives students unfamiliar to Lambert a chance to become introduced to all of the clubs.

While Club Rush allows for freshmen and newcomers to view all the clubs of Lambert, it also lets those clubs advertise and know that they are welcome to new members.

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know all these clubs and to advertise,” says Yuni Yi, a sophomore member of the Creativity Club, “… It might be really overwhelming to like newcomers and freshman, but all in all, I think it’s a good thing….”

Though it is a hurried and mildly hectic event, Club Rush benefits both new students and club members in its own way.