The Hub for all your Clubs!


Club Rush is a yearly event at Lambert High School that showcases all of Lambert’s amazing clubs. It is held primarily for freshmen, so that they can get a good taste for what they can expect from Lambert’s clubs and be given an opportunity to join any club they see at the event. This year, The Lambert Post went around and interviewed as many clubs as they could at Club Rush to provide students who couldn’t attend a brief overview.


Cricket Club: This club will be focused on learning and playing the sport cricket, with each meeting going over basic rules and strategies for cricket games. Each meeting will plan a cricket practice session that all members can attend based on everyone’s availability. The next meeting is on September 10th, in Mrs. Erickson’s room, 2846. Meetings will usually be held on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.


Cyberteam: This is a club that goes over the basics of protecting and infiltrating technology and attempts to educate members on the various aspects of cyber security. There are various events such as hackathons, capture-the-flag events, hands-on learning, and educational outreach. The club meets twice per month. For more information, click on this link and join the remind by texting @lhscbteam to 81010.

International Culture/Cuisine Club: This is a club that lets you try different food from various cultures at every meeting. It aims to help expose people to new cultures and new experiences. The club’s next meeting is September 4th, at 7:45, in 1814.

High School Democrats: This is a club that focuses mainly on volunteer opportunities that are to do with democrat ideals. The club hopes to promote voter registration, and increase knowledge of government and current social issues. The first meeting is on September 5th, at 7:45, in room 2817.


Movie Club: Movie club is a club where you can come in and discuss movies. The movies that are discussed are picked at every meeting, and each meeting will end with a new movie to go home and watch to discuss for the next meeting. Meetings are held the first Friday of every month, at 3:40, in 1864. There are snacks. Click on this link to let the officers know what types of movies you are interested in!


Art Club: This club aims to foster an art community and focuses on community service events that involve art. The club will have its meetings on Monday mornings in 1551. Click on this link for more information!


Gay Straight Alliance: This club aims to educate its members on gay history and helps to provide a safe place for people to talk about their sexuality. The club is planning to have a field trip to a pride parade and hopefully hold events to raise money for organizations that support gay rights. Meetings are held in 2817, at 7:45, every other week; the first meeting is September 4th!


Track and Field: Track and field is a sport that lets players demonstrate their skills in a variety of events. Anyone can join Track as there are no tryouts required. Everyone on the Track team promotes a positive atmosphere and pushes each other to new heights everyday. The first meeting will be on November 1st, at 7:45, in the auditorium. 


Student Council: This club allows for students to participate in the planning of events at Lambert, like homecoming, or the pep rallies. Student council provides excellent leadership opportunities and is incredibly fun. 


Interact Club: This club aims to help its members interact with the community that they live in. Interact club helps to host community service events and brings in guest speakers at their meetings. The first meeting is on September 6th, at 7:45, in 2846. Click on this link to sign up!


Blessings in a Backpack: Blessings in a Backpack aims to provide food to children who cannot afford it. The club has helped to feed 316 kids in the past year, and is hoping to grow that number this year with more members. The meetings consist of helping pack food and distribution of food to those who need it. There are meetings every Friday at 7:45, in room 2220.


Simple Charity: This is a club that holds events each month that attempt to raise money for different charities. The club is part of a larger organization called Simple Charity. The organization decides the charity of the month. The first meeting is on September 12th, 7:45, in room 2915.


FCA: In this club, you gather with others to learn about the Lord and participate in fun activities and eat Chic Fila biscuits! Anyone can come to the first meeting which is at 7:20 in the auditorium on 9/20. 



Fencing Club: At each meeting of fencing club, you practice fencing for one hour. This practice goes towards tournaments, of which there are 17. Fencing Club meets every Wednesday at 3:45 in the cafeteria.

TED Ed: This club is a platform where people can share stories, develop presentation skills, and get used to openly sharing their ideas. The next meeting is at 3:45 on 9/4 in room 3003. Click on this link if you plan to attend!


Science Olympiad: In this club, you can compete in national level competition in all fields of science with lots of team building. Meetings are held every friday in room 1202 at 7:45.




FBLA: This is a business-oriented club where you compete in many events. FBLA focuses on doing a variety of competition, so find which one’s right for you! The next meeting is 9/13 in the auditorium at 7:45. 


Change the Earth Club: In this club, you plan events to volunteer to help habitats and places in need of help. You also tell others how to change certain aspects of everyday life to to fix the environment. The first meeting is at 7:45 in room 1814 on September 4th. 


Creative Writing: This is a writing club that focuses on enhancing creativity within writing. Each meeting consists of various writing activities to help channel your inner writer. The members of the club can also expect to be informed of competitions to showcase their talents.  Meetings are at 4:00, in room 1814, every other Thursday.


LLG: Love for Lost Girls is a club that holds events to raise money for an orphanage in Ningde, China. All profits the club makes goes straight to the orphanage. Last year, the club made $2,000, and hopes to raise even more this year! The first meeting is on September 11th, in 2886, at 7:45.


Smart Agriculture: This is a club focused on revolutionizing the way we farm. The club is looking for motivated members that are willing to commit a high amount of time to changing the world. Click on this link to get more information on the club.


Model United Nations: In this club, you can act as a country that exists in real life and vote on certain issues in the vain of the country you represent. There are many different types of issues that the different committees in Model UN focus on, ensuring that no matter what your interests, you can have fun. Meetings are usually on Fridays, at 7:45, in room 2896.