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Featured above is the Lambert iGEM team. Consisting of fourteen members, this close-knit group is expanding society's understanding of the universe while bettering the world in intricate ways.

iGEM: Funding the Future

Ananya Mehta, Staff Writer October 10, 2017

The brilliant Stephen Hawking once said, “Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge”. Just like this quote suggests, the future of society and the success...

Sophomore Megan Hong speaks about how she balances soccer, iGem, viola, and homework.

Humans of Lambert

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor September 19, 2017

“I’m involved primarily this year in iGem at school - so pretty much we are a synthetic biology competitive team and during November we’re going to Boston to compete at [iGem competition], which...

Congratulations to Ms. Janet Standeven for her award!

Bright future for the science field

Kelly Yoon , News editor January 27, 2016

[View the story "Bright future for the science field" on Storify]

A successful transformation has occurred for this sample of chitosan.

Lambert iGEM team goes to Boston for international competition

Lambert's team competed and performed well against collegiate groups.
Riley Findley, Opinions Editor October 5, 2015

The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition was held in Boston on Thursday, September 24th. iGEM is a collegiate-level competitive activity that is performed in a high school setting...

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