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The student news site of Lambert High School

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The student news site of Lambert High School

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Coming out of the closet is a phenomenon that is a milestone in the lives of most queer people; but has it gotten easier or harder?

Is 2018 the year to come out of the closet?

Justin Gibbs-Poe, Opinions Editor April 19, 2018

I came out of the closet in the summer of 2017. Out of anywhere in the world, it happened in Singapore while I was visiting family. After coming out to my closest friends and discovering my untapped courage...

On Friday, April 21 2017, students wore stickers and remained silent to participate in the annual Day of Silence.

Day of Silence: sometimes in order to be heard, you have to be silent

Emma North, Photography Editor April 21, 2017

This Friday, April 21 2017, is the annual GLSEN Day of Silence, a student-led national event in which students remain silent to bring awareness to suicide in the LGBTQ community and the silencing effect...

Lambert student watching the new raunchy Netflix comedy special by Dave Chapelle.

He’s back: Dave Chapelle’s Age of Spin in review

Justin Gibbs-Poe and Jackson Matray April 14, 2017

Dave Chapelle’s newest Netflix comedy stand-up special has marked the comedy legend’s comeback into the spotlight. Since his hit Comedy Central show ended over ten years ago, Dave Chapelle has merely...

The single Youth has been taking the world by storm. The music video perfectly illustrates the aesthetic  and mood of the song.

The Tempo: Blue Neighbourhood (Deluxe)

Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer March 2, 2016

Troye Sivan, known to many of today’s youth as a Youtube star (with currently 3.9 million subscribers), released his first full studio album on December 4th, 2015. He released a six-song precursor to...

“Carol”: revolutionary film for the LGBTQ community- overall masterpiece

Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer January 18, 2016

Carol, a film based off of the book The Price of Salt, has received many Oscar nominations, and raving reviews due to its revolutionary content in the film industry. However, due to this content, the film...

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