The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

Three Lambert students taking their BeReal during lunch, specifically posing for the picture. Photograph taken by Chitvan Singh.

BeReal Won’t Help You Be Real

Chitvan Singh, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

As social media continues to dominate teens’ lives, it’s now the format for a majority of social interaction for Generation Z. Having to be in the same room as someone is no longer a requirement to...

A promotional image from Meta showing users interacting in one of their virtual worlds, courtesy of Meta Platforms, Inc. (2022)

Why Facebook’s Metaverse Will Fail

Chitvan Singh, Staff writer December 12, 2022

Recently, the company Meta, previously known as Facebook, has been aggressively pushing their new “Metaverse:” a virtual reality simulation where users play games and perform activities in a digital...

Photo of Aaron at his local Walmart. Taken on April 2022.

Just the Beginning: Aaron Vasyliv

Samantha Nyazema, Opinions Editor May 12, 2022

Lambert is an exceptionally talented school filled with students who will become household names. Recently, I was able to sit down with one of these students, junior Aaron Vasyliv.  In our interview,...

In my experience, social media was holding me back more than it was connecting me to my friends and peers.

Why I deleted all of my social media accounts

Elizabeth Findley, Editor-in-Chief March 13, 2018

Social media has been one of the single most revolutionary forces within the last decade, vowing to bring people together from all corners of the world and give people the space to share ideas and express...

Are girls more susceptible to depression?

Are girls more susceptible to depression?

Madeline Parris, Social Media Lead March 30, 2017

Depression is a mental illness that affects everyday life-the way one might think, feel, and work. It stands in the way of daily activities such as moving around, going out, and carrying on a conversation....

Real Friends

Real Friends

Kathryn Raynor, Restident Artist March 7, 2016

Todays youth is always connected to social media. How much do you think they see?

Murder goes social, and the blood’s on our hands

Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer September 18, 2015

As technology advances, the new generation is becoming more and more desensitized to what we see. When I was a kid, YouTube was just starting out, and it was very simple for my parents to tell me not to...

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