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Athlete Spotlight: Jordan Smith

Student athlete and Lambert High school senior, Jordan Smith, takes time out of her busy athletic schedule to pose on the bleachers.
August 29, 2017

As a student athlete myself, being responsible for both maintaining a decent GPA along with keeping your body conditioned can be a tough balance that takes time and practice to achieve. For instance, the...

Lambert senior athletes share commitment stories

Victoria Shelton proudly holds her Oregon State flag.
January 15, 2017

Lambert High School has a wide variety of talented students, a fraction of them being affiliated with sports. Out of those athletically-talented students, many have had the honor of receiving college offers...

Under Pressure: Insight into the life of a student athlete

Juggling sports and school is more than a full-time job.
October 24, 2016

Consider the label "student athlete" and think about what that means. In Hollywood, jocks are portrayed as the popular kids with little intellectual capacity and only concerned with  winning their...

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