The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

Mrs. Nicoletti and Duck posing in the 1800 hallway.

Mrs. Nicoletti and the Special Education Program

NATHAN KIM and COLBY LANGLEY February 9, 2021

Most people think that heroes are best illustrated by comic book characters wearing tight bright spandex and colorful capes, but everyone knows that oh-so-famous saying, “not all heroes wear capes”....

Photo by Ellie Miltz, Taken on January 13th, 2021, All Rights Reserved

Mr. Jakaitis’ Journey to Psychology

SASHA LOOBY and ELLIE MILTZ January 27, 2021

On the second floor of Lambert High School, Brian Jakaitis sits behind a large wooden desk with his feet up and posture relaxed. His AP Psychology students appear relaxed as their carefree chatter fills...

Mrs. Theresa Adamczyk, the special education and career tech teacher at Lambert High School, speaks about her experience as the graduation coach.

Humans of Lambert

Shreya Desai, Staff Writer February 23, 2017

"As graduation coach, it is our responsibility to provide support for students who really need the additional help. We start by writing 504s for students with disabilities and having meetings for them....

AP Calculus teacher Mr. Teeple stands tall and proud in his teaching career.

The teacher that has it all

Shreya Desai, Staff Writer October 31, 2016

The typical stereotypes of teachers prevail among the judgements of students when evaluating their teaching methods and overall personalities. There are the fun teachers that spend class time cracking...

There is no secret that teachers work extremely hard to provide education for students however, are some teachers better than others, and what makes them that way?

What makes a good teacher?

Elizabeth Findley , Staff Writer February 29, 2016

When a new school year rolls around, one of the most common topics of conversation heard from students is the discussion of what teacher everyone has for the new semester. The same questions and comments...

Math teacher finds himself questioning every life decision he ever made at this school.

Disappointed teacher runs out of ideas to increase student participation

Riley Findley February 9, 2016

Growing evermore depressed by the student’s apathy towards his lesson, local Social Studies teacher Every Thompson told the Red Onion this Monday that he didn’t know what else he could do to encourage...

Teacher gives menacing and scolding look to curious student.

Local teacher expresses annoyance with student questions

Riley Findley, Opinions Editor October 21, 2015

Describing these instances as periods of intense anguish and annoyance, the local teacher told reporters at the Red Onion that she has been pestered with educational inquiries for the entirety of her teaching...

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