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A cup of nihilism #19

A cup of nihilism #19
February 10, 2018

Always appreciate those that make what you do possible. Huge thanks to The Lambert Post's tech support, Eric Kim!

Tech Tips Tuesday: the Flash… Player on Chrome

October 31, 2017

Do not fear! Lambert Tech Tips are finally here! After a couple of week's hiatus, I felt it was about time to bring these lifesavers back online. Today's topic? Enabling Flash Player on your favorite browser. Recently,...

Tech Tips Tuesday: Don’t be a sloth, use hotkeys

Tech Tips Tuesday: Don't be a sloth, use hotkeys
September 19, 2017

The three-toed sloth. With an average speed of 0.03 miles per hour and a metabolism that would give the first organisms on Earth a run for their money, this furry mammal is the number one slowest animal...

Tech Tips Tuesday: What is lost will be found

Tech Tips Tuesday: What is lost will be found
August 31, 2017

There is not a single moment more frustrating than being unable to find that one file you’ve been looking for within the file explorer. Amid the hundreds of files saved in that one folder of yours, you...

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