11 DIY High School Graduation Presents You’ll Actually Use


Photo used with permission by Okay Yaramanoglu via flikr.com

Stormtroopers want graduation presents too.

1. I love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook by Cherie Mercer Twohy

Everybody deserves a home cooked meal but not everybody can prepare one. This cookbook is easy to follow and perfect for any graduate going off into the big world who might need something other than Ramen every once in awhile.

2.  First job survival kit

First day jitters? Give this cute, fashionable, and professional kit to your graduate to relax all their nerves. Stock it with pens, pencils, a journal, a water bottle, their favorite candy or gum (or both), and anything else you think may calm your little graduate down as they go off to their first job.

3. The Naked Roommate by Harlan Cohen

This New York Times best seller is full of 108 issues that may evolve in the average person’s college experience. It’s the perfect guide to college for any and everyone taking their first steps on the grounds of the big university.

4. Balloons

Everybody loves balloons, the things you can do with them are endless. Try putting some money in a balloon; it’s cute and the look on your graduates face when you hand them a hand full of balloons will be totally hilarious, plus you make them search a little for the real meat of the present before they get it.

5. Cash

You can never go wrong with some good old fashioned, cold hard cash. Be creative in the delivery of this present; handing it over or putting it in a card is fine, it’s also boring, but cash is cash. Look on Pinterest to find some great ways on how to deliver cash in a completely original way that will catch everyone’s eye.

6. Candy gram

Everybody loves candy, it’s a well known fact (well probably not but anyway). Put together a cute poster and substitute some of the words for your graduate’s favorite candies. It’ll show that you really put some thought into your gift and give your graduate a little snack for the road to the big U.

7. College survival kit

College can be scary. Prepare your graduate with a college survival kit filled with index cards, sticky notes, hand sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, highlighters, pencils, pens, 5 hour energy, a notebook or two, and plenty of Ramen for the dorm room.

8. Memory board

Being away from home can make anyone sad. Keep a smile on your graduate’s face and make them a memory board stocked with tons of pictures from their childhood, their high school years, their friends and family.

9. Vintage book travel organizer

This may look like your ordinary travel book, but when you open it up it’ll be loaded with your tech savvy essentials, such as: a portable charger, a USB adapter, emergency headphones (never know when you might have to tune out the world), and maybe even an emergency contact book (it’s impossible to remember every number on your contact list).

10. Laundry 101 gift basket

Doing laundry is a must, there’s just no way around it- sadly. So, help your high school graduate out by getting them a laundry basket overflowing with laundry essentials.

11. Home box

Find a cute little box and fill it with stuff to remind your little college freshman of home. It can be anything from their favorite pillow on the sofa, to that candle you always light right before a little down time.