My Life as a Student

“I wrote this piece to entertain myself of the school year and keep pushing until the end. High school really hit me starting from this year and worse along its way up to may. I kept finding myself in the dark, trying to avoid the reality of having to keep working my way up through education. Education I feel like never seems to be complete in any means and will be forever continuous.” -Kelly Yoon


"In the Eyes of a Football Player" by Kate Shadburn, 11th grade

“This was taken during a Lambert JV football game last season, and it captures the point of view of a football player during a pinnacle point in the game.” -Kate Shadburn

Monday, I should wake up early and go to school

Or should I go back to bed with the cookies I stole

Tuesday, I’m set and ready to go

It’s a great day until I spill coffee on myself

Wednesday, we’re only in the middle and got to keep working

But first, gotta have another cup of caffeine to do so

Thursday, so close yet so far.

Continue studying but also start loving yourself

Friday, afterschool traffic is war

It’s time to party and break life rules

Saturday, my happiest day of the week

I simply just want to jump in the pools

Sunday, I go to work which I somewhat enjoy

After 4, urgh, I have another full week to destroy