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The student news site of Lambert High School

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The student news site of Lambert High School

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Picking Classes for Next Year

Anandita Mitra, News Staff January 30, 2023

When the time comes to pick classes for the 2023-2024 school year, it can be difficult for most students. Choosing classes requires fulfilling the required credits to graduate while also picking classes...

The Lasso Lounge is now permanently closed (September 22, 2022). The stand was well liked and popular amongst students and teachers. Photo taken by Justin Hwang.

Goodbye Lambert’s Lasso Lounge

Justin Hwang, Sports Editor October 1, 2022

The Lasso Lounge was regularly packed with hungry Lambert students and teachers alike. It was a luxury that consistently served the Longhorn community. From snagging candy for a couple of bucks to cheap...

What is your favorite class? March 14, 2022. A good classroom environment is one where you can feel comfortable in and enjoy learning new things even if it can be stressful at times. (Jimena Ruano/Canva)

What is Your Favorite Class?: A Student Survey

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2022

Everyone has that one class where they feel like they shine the most. Whether it be academic-based or an elective class, there is always a class you can feel proud to be in. Although school can be exhausting...

​Photo of in-school vs online. Photo shows Lambert crest going up against a virtual Lambert crest. Photo credits to Avectors (for VS clip art), Lambert High School (for Lambert crest), and Longmongdoosi (For computer clip art).

Online vs In-Person School: Which One is For You?

Nathan Kim, Opinion Staff March 2, 2022

Many people instinctively assume that one teaching approach is preferable to the other due to changes in how children are educated. For the past year, parents and children have been forced to choose between...

A photo of the ever-so competitive high school, Lambert High. February 3, 2021. (Nathan Kim)

Is School Everything?

Nathan Kim, Opinion Staff February 4, 2022

Lambert High School’s official mission statement is, “All Lambert High School students will meet and/or exceed standards on the GHSGT/WT and EOCT measures.” I'm not going to lie, I was a fairly...

Photo of Lambert Highschool’s nurses office. January 25th, 2022. This is where students who have covid symptoms sit as the nurse helps them with anything they need. (Samantha Nyazema)

Should Schools Remain Open with COVID-19 on the Rise?

Samantha Nyazema, Opinions Editor January 25, 2022

I know some of us feel it. There is a storm coming and it is not one of our Georgia Winter Snowpocalypses. COVID-19 is ripping throughout the country and the Omicron wave is flooding homes everywhere. This...

Picture taken by Lizzie Viggiano on February 10, 2011, all rights reserved

How Much School is Too Much School?

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief February 26, 2021

One thing that stays constant in the life of a student is schoolwork.  Ever since elementary school, school work has been a part of the lives of students all over the world; as our education progresses,...


Back to School

Abby Settipani, Features Staff September 1, 2020

The controversy surrounding students returning to school is thriving as some states welcome back children to fluorescent-lit classrooms. The pandemic is raging, the United States having a confirmed 5.7...

Harbor of the Savannah River in Savannah, Georgia. Progressive disease, such as Senioritis, lead the afflicted to try new things. This was taken during BetaCon, a leadership convention I only went to because of my short amount of time left living with my disease.

Afflicted With Senioritis – A Progressive Disease

Aniket Adhikari, News Editor February 15, 2018

My name is Aniket Adhikari, I am an editor on the Lambert Post, and in November of 2017, I was diagnosed with one of the most pervasive and widespread epidemics sweeping high schools across the country...

This was a remind message I recently received from one of my Ap Courses. Online textbooks are evidently frustrating for both students and teachers. A switch to former handheld textbooks may be more beneficial then expected.

The Terror of Online Textbooks

Ananya Mehta, Staff Writer January 26, 2018

I’ve always been the type of girl who loves having the physical copy of a book over the online edition. I love everything about real books, ranging from the simplicity for use to the access to the wondrous...

A cup of nihilism #14

A cup of nihilism #14

Ann Ding, Resident Artist December 16, 2017

Old trends are brought out for the dreaded midterms next week. Good luck on exams! "A cup of nihilism" will return at the end of winter break.

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