Speaker Visits Lambert To Spread Awareness On Vaping

 Pictured above, is health advocate Kenny Haney

Pictured above, is health advocate Kenny Haney

Health advocate, Kenny Haney, will be visiting Lambert High School to inform the freshmen and sophomores of the dangers of vaping on Monday, October 28th, 2019.

With the sudden vaping epidemic, schools have been taking extra precautions to make sure their students are informed about the consequences of vaping/using e-cigarettes. 


Kenny Haney runs the Northside Hospital Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Program, and visits schools all around Georgia to share his knowledge and to warn kids of the consequences of vaping. 


Bell schedule will remain the same, but Freshman and Sophomores should report to the auditorium during the periods listed below (the presentation will take up the whole period)   


First Period: Freshman girls

Second Period: Freshman boys

Third Period: Sophomore girls

Fourth period: Sophomore boys

Firth Period: Faculty with 5th Lunch and Learn

Sixth Period: Faculty with 6th Lunch and Learn


Mr. Haney will also be presenting Monday night at 7:00 in the auditorium for our community and the middle school parents.