Hooking into the Lambert Bass Fishing Club

Hooking into the Lambert Bass Fishing Club


Pictured is a fish biting the lure of a fisher, while swimming out of the water. https://www.gameandfishmag.com


A Lambert student involved in the Lambert Bass Fishing Club was interviewed about the club. This club consists of 10-12 members who go out to try and catch the five biggest fish they can. Typically, the team will have weekly meetings for upcoming tournaments in the spring. The fall and winter months are too cold to go out on the boats, and because of this no tournament are held during this time. 


In their own boats, the members will go out in pairs of two around late morning. They go out at this time because at this point in the day the water has been exposed to the water for a few hours already, making it warmer. This causes the fish to move to the warmer, shallower water. The team usually launches their boats at the north end of Lake Lanier. To catch fish, the gear used should almost mimic a professional’s in order to thrive during the tournaments. Cameron Kopp, the fisher in question, has been in the club since he was a freshman and has shared what preferred his set up is. 


“I use a Johnny Morris Carbon Lite 2.0, it’s a 7-foot medium heavy rod with an Abu Garcia 7 speed, 3 gear ratio bait casting reel. If I am on the lake the best bait would be a soft plastic worm presented in any certain moving rig, Texas, Whcky, etc” said Cameron. 


 The most interesting thing Cameron has ever experienced while on the water was a crazed Water Moccasin. The snake kept swimming close to the boat and hissing at the fishers. The snake never got in the boat, because the driver took a large knife and cut its head off since it was being very aggressive. 


According to Cameron, the Lambert Bass Fishing Club is the most fun he has ever had in any extracurricular activity. Get in on the fun, and join the Lambert Bass Fishing Club today!