Staying Safe and Eating Turkey

Photo by Giorgio Klaic, taken on June 8, 2020,

Photo by Giorgio Klaic, taken on June 8, 2020,

This year’s holiday celebrations need to look a little different. Despite wishes to be close to those we love, Thanksgiving is not the time to hug your friends and family. The CDC reports more than 10 million COVID cases since January 21, making social distancing and safety precautions are more important now than ever. Here are some CDC guidelines to keep in mind to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones! 

  • Avoid inside gatherings with people who do not live in your household
  • Keep six feet away from those not wearing a mask and those who do not live with you 
  • Limit the number of people in the food preparation area
  • Sanitize your hands frequently!! 

Wear a mask when you are not eating 

Personally, I recommend checking the weather before attending an outside gathering! My family and I are doing a socially distant Thanksgiving with my brothers and sister, and I am bringing a blanket and some warm layers just in case. 

It can be hard to endure such a change in tradition. After all that has happened this year, it is easy to want to ignore what is happening and feel a sense of normalcy, but that is not that answer! As always, Horns Up! Masks On! Have a happy Thanksgiving, Longhorns!