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Uncovering Mask Myths

Photo by Danielle, taken on March 26th, 2007, Some rights reserved,
November 16, 2020

Between all of the misinformation and debates over face masks, one thing hasn’t changed: the uncertainty about what lies ahead with this virus, but we need to fight Covid now before it gets any worse. According...

Staying Safe and Eating Turkey

Photo by Giorgio Klaic, taken on June 8, 2020,
November 16, 2020

This year’s holiday celebrations need to look a little different. Despite wishes to be close to those we love, Thanksgiving is not the time to hug your friends and family. The CDC reports more than 10...

COVID-19 and Wellness

If you don’t already then follow the wellness program @wellness4longhorns on Instagram and Twitter!
September 28, 2020

With the looming figures of quarantine and the restrictions set in place from Covid-19 advocating student and staff safety, the Lambert wellness program was created in an attempt to help students and staff...

The COVID Apocalypse

Picture taken of Coach Hill
September 10, 2020

Has Friday the thirteenth taken on a new identity? As most everyone knows, Covid-19 has affected our world for the worst. March 13, 2020, was the turning point for Forsyth county students due to the closing...

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