Student Voice: new school safety measures


Elizabeth Findley

A Lambert student encounters a locked door while trying to enter the school building and must wait for someone inside to hear her knocking.

Following the recent school shooting tragedy in Parkland, Florida where 14 students and three staff members were killed, Lambert High School has implemented new school safety measures designed to better protect students and faculty. These include keeping all doors locked, passes for the students in trailers to get back into the main building during class, and ensuring students who are late check in through the main office rather than entering through the side doors. These new implementations were met with mixed reviews from the student body, as demonstrated below:


Josh Hawkins: “I think that they’re doing it for the right reasons and it may be an inconvenience but at the end of the day it’s for our safety and it’s for those people who we are not to sure of, they want to come in here and do something to us. They are ultimately just protecting us and I respect it.”


Skye Aurelia: “I just don’t like the locked doors and everything. I don’t think it’s helping, it’s more of a hassle because students are getting locked outside the school and students are late to class because they are locked outside and the teachers are getting mad at them.”


Rahul Menon: “I guess if it’s necessary, it’s necessary. It can be annoying but I guess it’s fine for now.”


Kurt Kunich: “I think they’re helping a little bit, the halls are empty now which is good, it’s nice to have a resource officer around. I think they’re good.”


Phoebe Pyden: “I think they’re a good idea but also an inconvenience considering we have to walk all the way to the front of the school to get in.”


Students appear to appreciate the drive to help keep them safe, but find the new measures an inconvenience.