The effects of the election on our community

The world has its eyes on America in the days leading up to November 8, when the American population determines their new president for the next four years. For the past few months, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have participated in heated debates, been the subject of many scandals and jokes, and fought for the votes of the American public.

The presidency is a broad and important position in our democracy. The president serves as the guardian of the economy, legislative leader, commander-in-chief, chief executive and diplomat, and chief of state and party, as well as serving as an example and leader to the country.

An important question that has arisen is whether the election and whoever is elected will have any real effect on us here in our community as students, the majority of whom can not vote, as well as that in the county. 

The election affects us in many ways. The president’s views on many subjects can end up changing our community in the long run. Policies on education, such as No Child Left Behind, are only one example of how the president affects us. There is also foreign policy, which can affect how other countries view us and how we view them. 

Two major subjects that will affect our community are taxes and healthcare. While Trump’s taxation plan benefits those with a higher income, Clinton’s better affects those with a lower income. Healthcare is affected in the new president’s planned change for Obamacare; Trump plans to get rid of it while Hilary plans to expand it. This affects those in our community with Obamacare or paying taxes.

Not only does it affect different areas of government, but the debate spawning from the election is another way it affects us here. The rift between supporters of Trump and supporters of Clinton has split our community, turning us against each other in the months leading up to the president election.

Though it is less likely that America will be seeing immediate effects, the impacts in the long run are important to the way we will live the rest of our lives. This election has been the first of its kind; history will be made as the election nears its end.

No matter who each student believes in, they all believe that the election will affect us in our own community.