The Week Of Homecoming At A Glance

We are so excited for Spirit week next week, and we are happy to introduce the Homecoming Spirit week schedule.

Monday 10/14 – 8 Period Day

~Spirit Day theme is Country vs. Country Club

-If you want to dress country, think about flannel, jeans, boots, a wide brim hat, etc.

-If you’re going to wear country club think polos, khakis, sweater vests, etc.


Tuesday 10/15 – Even Block Day

~The theme this day is Decades Day [Seniors 70’s, Juniors 80’s, Sophomores 60’s, Freshman 90’s]

Freshman(90’s)- Baggy jeans, cuffed at the bottom, graphic T-shirts, etc.

Sophomores(60’s)- Long sleeve button-downs colored jeans, white, green, orange, etc. (W) long skirts, sleeveless button-ups. 


Juniors(80’s)- Ripped jeans denim jacket plain white t-shirt, leather jackets.  

Seniors(70’s)-(Unisex at the time) Bell bottom jeans, button-downs(not buttoned up). (W) Long collared dresses, button-up dresses. 


Wednesday 10/16 – PSAT Schedule

~ The theme this day is College day

-Wear your favorite college sports team jersey, or any merchandise from the color works as well.

Standard Test administration will be approximately 8:25-12:28

(4 hours and 3 minutes) All times are estimates

5th Period: 12:34pm – 1:16pm ( 42 Minutes)

6th Period: 1:22pm – 2:04pm (42 Minutes)

7th Period: 2:10pm – 2:52pm (42 Minutes)

8th Period: 2:58pm – 3:40pm (42 Minutes)

*There will be no regularly scheduled classes for periods 1-4 on this day.


  • 9th Grade Mock PSATs will be administered in the Cafeteria.
  • Standard PSAT Testing will be in the 1800, 1900, 2800, and 2900 classrooms
  • Non-Standard PSAT Testing will be in the 3000 Trailers.
  • 11th and 12th Grade Online Students will be in the Media Center
  • Displaced 11th and 12th Grade Online Students will be in the Media Center
  • Displaced 11th and 12th Grade Students will be in the 1200 and 1300 classrooms




Thursday 10/17 – Odd Block Day

~This Spirit day is a MEME Challenge

  • Dress up as the best/funniest meme you know, or you can make one there are no limits.



Friday 10/18 – Pep Rally Schedule

~This Spirit day is NEON

  • This theme consists of bright and vibrant colors, usually very tacky and color-coordinated.

1st Period: 8:25 – 9:17 (show Lambert AM)

2nd Period: 9:23 – 10:03

3rd Period: 10:09 – 11:50** (Pep Rally)

4th Period: 11:56 – 12:36

5th Period: 12:42 – 12:36

6th Period: 1:28 – 2:08

7th Period: 2:14 – 2:54

8th Period: 3:00 – 3:40

All classes 40 minutes, except 1st & 3rd

**Students will be dismissed by announcement at the BEGINNING of the 3rd period, and then sent back to class after the pep rally is complete.