Tough, but Fair: Lambert’s Mr. Shroyer


Picture taken by Hannah Kenyon, taken on January 12, 2021

Mr. Shroyer’s known for his engaging teaching style that sparks vibrant class discussions. His approachable personality combined with his high expectations for his students has made his classroom a successful environment. Mr. Shroyer is a Lambert High School social studies teacher, JV boys soccer team coach, and co-sponsor of the diversity club, but beyond his extensive involvement in school, he makes time for his family. 

Mr. Shroyer’s interest in the field of education began when he coached a middle school recreational soccer team as a 16-year-old. As a coach and teacher, he loves to interact with so many unique personalities on a daily basis, but also admits that it is a struggle to balance family life, while managing the time commitments of soccer and teaching. Mr. Shroyer played club and travel soccer for the majority of his life, but decided to focus on academics in college. Although he enjoys coaching and playing soccer, that doesn’t prevent him from pushing his comfort zone and trying new things.

“I coached girls volleyball in middle school,” he explained. “I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was a lot of fun.”

Mr. Shroyer has teaching degrees in Social Studies and English and has been working as a teacher in a couple different schools since 2007. Prior to his career at Lambert, Shroyer taught English Language Arts at South Forsyth High. His passion for history is what inspired him to pursue social studies at Lambert. Although he wants to continue teaching for upcoming years, he also has aspirations to obtain a leadership position. Mr. Shroyer’s goal to be an administrator stems from his passion for school involvement and appreciating the various personalities he interacts with everyday. Before he can start moving on to working on bigger goals, he wants to build up his classroom as much as he can. He makes ambitions and goals for his classroom with his students’ best interests in mind. He talked about how he wants his students to, “rise to the occasion,” and to meet his expectations without lowering the bar for them.

He wants to institute a rigorous course where students will learn, while also balancing a fun and engaging environment. Shroyer’s teaching philosophy is to, “keep a high standard, but reasonable… tough, but fair.”

Another aspect of his teaching philosophy is to establish a setting where students can focus. He explained how his biggest pet peeve is when technology becomes a distraction to students while he is teaching.

“We should provide an environment for their success,” Shroyer said. “So if every kid has a phone in their hand and I say, ‘it’s no big deal, whatever,’ I’m not providing the environment for them to be successful.” 

Teaching comes with a lot of responsibility, and Mr. Shroyer handles it with grace and enthusiasm. He is loved by his students and is optimistic about furthering his career in education.

However, Mr. Shroyer’s career has not been lacking in its challenges and minor frustrations. Everyone has to discover ways to best manage their emotions in any occupation, but this statement holds true especially for teachers.

He explained, “You have to step back and try to take emotion out of it.” He continued,“approach it like, you know, these things will happen, and manage it as calmly as you can.”

Shroyer uses his patient and understanding temperament to benefit both him and his students so that they can persevere through the various obstacles they face during the school year. Although teaching has its challenges, with those challenges come great rewards. Mr. Shroyer has had several teaching positions and with them, he has left an impact on many of his students. He taught his first official classroom of students when he was 22 years old. Recently, students from that class organized a 10 year reunion with him via Facebook. He also had a group of students that he taught at South Forsyth High School visit him before his first day of teaching at Lambert.

“I wasn’t even sure if they liked me– it’s kinda neat when it surprises you, like kids you didn’t think were that interested in ever seeing you again, make an effort to see you again,”  Mr. Shroyer explained.

Shroyer is a teacher and coach who is genuinely passionate about his job. He aspires to grow and learn in every aspect he can; and it shows. He is patient and understanding with his students, while also holding them accountable for their responsibilities. He is loved by many for his dynamic and optimistic personality that strongly influences everyone around him.