Humans of Lambert


Emma North

“I encourage young people to get involved in the acting community, whether it be at a local or national level.” – Abigail Jackson, Lambert French Teacher

“Around the time I had moved to Georgia from Washington D.C. and began teaching French, the movie and television industry really started to boom here. I had done some theater in my teens and during my college years, so I decided I would try out for roles and look for an agent. At first, I did a lot of extra work and behind-the-scene duties. The biggest thing that I probably have done was to be an extra or a ‘walker’ on the Walking Dead. I was on there for three seasons. Glenn killed me in season 4 and I was the ‘Kill of the Week’ on the Talking Dead. The funniest story I have from the set was when they were shooting a scene with a gun shot. They gave us ear plugs to protect our hearing.  We were so close that the firing of the gun could have caused permanent damage to our ears. The ear plugs were in and I couldn’t really hear anything. So they began rolling and I got really into my role as a zombie: ‘Rahhhahaaggggahh.’ I was crawling and coming after him just as the director said ‘cut.’ Because I had my earplugs in, I kept growling and scratching just like a zombie would. Soon the entire set was laughing at me because I was just so into my role and didn’t hear the director. I did get to meet most of the cast and actually talk to them. They were all really nice. That’s a really cool set to be on if you can. The producers had ice cream brought in for everyone that day.

Abigail Jackson playing the role of a “walker” on The Walking Dead.

I’ve also done a few commercials which I love!

Abigail Jackson starring in an Aaron’s furniture store commercial.

Now, I’m working on sketch comedy with a group called 360 to create an online web-series. We are going to bring a lot of content to Facebook as well as Funny or Die, a web channel backed by Will Ferrell. We are aiming to have content produced by the end of this month. In the web series, I play the role of an overwrought mother who’s an executive at a startup company. Everyone kind of dumps on my character so it should be pretty funny.  In my ‘spare time’, I like to listen to audio books, garden, run marathons, cook, and play tennis.  I’m also a super busy swim mom.  You can always catch me at the Cumming Aquatic Center and say, ‘Hi!'”