Georgia’s Vaccination Rollout

Empty parking-lots will soon be part of the past with the new vaccine rollout, Photo taken by Chad Davis, All Rights Reserved

Millions of Georgians are currently registered for the COVID-19 vaccine and new vaccination sites have been opened by Georgia’s Health Department.

The last 5 sites opened in Chatham County (Gulfstream Aerospace), Ware County (Waycross Mall), Washington, Bartow County (LakePoint Sports Complex) and Muscogee County (Columbus Civic Center).

The driving sites will add up to the 22,000 doses already available at existing Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency mass vaccination sites.

Although these numbers sound good, Governor Kemp has been under heavy backlash. Georgia’s number of vaccines from the federal government is going to be enormously expanded. Kemp said this was a good thing, so he planned to make all Georgians eligible by April. The current lagging numbers, however, are creating unease among the public. Georgia happens to rank near the bottom when talking about vaccination rollouts.

Kemp’s office officials say Monday was eligible for another 3.3 million citizens, which means that more than 5 million Georgians in total will be vaccinated. Even though Georgia’s population has about 8.4 million people who are 16 or older, these numbers give the public some ease regarding the vaccination.