Governor Kemp Pushes Raising Teacher Wages

The 83rd governor of Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp, pushes raising the wages of teachers. Though he has caused many controversies in the recent past, and though I don’t necessarily support some of his decisions or actions, I do believe that raising the wages of teachers is really important. 


His controversies in the past had the citizens of Georgia very concerned. For example, the abortion bill controversy and his pro-life approach had many pro-abortion supporters angry. However, I believe that his actions will be very controversial, no matter what he does.

 A recent controversy frustrated many Trump allies. He appointed a member of Senate that President Trump did not approve of. I find this strange because as a Republican governor, you’d expect Kemp to agree with the president, yet he directly disobeyed, gaining the support of Democratic voters.

But let’s skip the politics; what exactly is the value of this raise? According to AJC News, teachers in Georgia will get a $2,000 to $3,000 raise. This is great because not only will the teachers get paid more, it will improve the educational outcomes in many schools across Georgia. By raising teacher wages, schools can attract and keep better teachers, which also leads to better educated students. Because of Kemp’s new push towards higher teacher wages, many more schools and counties can have better-educated students.

Overall, I think that Kemp is quite a controversial figure, but I think what he is doing for teachers in Georgia is very important and should be done around the nation.