Interviews with the 2017 Lambert Student Council candidates

Countless candidates running for Student Council positions hope and dream to make Lambert High School a more enjoyable school to learn. They all also promise to bring the student community together through their hard work and determination.

Countless candidates running for Student Council positions hope and dream to make Lambert High School a more enjoyable school to learn. They all also promise to bring the student community together through their hard work and determination.

Lambert’s student council provides their members with the opportunity to become a voice for their class and school. Ms. Jennifer Wilson, the student council sponsor, offers the students the positions of president, vice president and secretary to run meetings and prep for events such as prom, homecoming, pep rallies, etc. The officers are primarily responsible for planning and gathering all special events for their fellow classmates for the upcoming school year.

In order to be an officer, all candidates campaign, within the limited budget, throughout the week preceding the March 28th student election.

All candidates bring new schools of thought to the table, which brings a sense of diversity within the officer team of the upcoming year.

To get a closer look into the future of the Longhorns, four candidates of each class were chosen at random to be interviewed on their aspirations and goals for the next school year. They all showcased their individualism, character, and personalities while expressing their hopes and dreams to make Lambert a better school and more enjoyable for the student classes.

Tori Pilman, a candidate for Senior class president, emphasized that her job would be to take people’s concerns, ideas and opinions to administrators. When asked to explain further, Pilman responded: “You’re really just being a bridge between students and staff. You have to vocalize what people want rather than what you want.” With her past presidencies in both her sophomore and junior year, she hopes to be the voice of her class once again by allowing herself to be as approachable and open-minded as possible to let people feel comfortable talking to her. As she approaches her final year of high school, she promises to focus heavily on building strong communication networks between the administration and the student before leaving.


Henry Xuan, a Freshman running for Sophomore class president, explained his aspirations and goals that he would like to implement at Lambert High School on both a school-wide and student council level: “There are numerous activities I want to achieve for the whole school. For student council specifically, a greater awareness of what we do. We want to get more involved in uses of social media. Expose more people to student council to get them to join. For school wide,” Xuan exclaims, “I have an interesting project that I hope to implement: charging stations. Alpharetta High School, for example, has these charging booths with outlets. We want to implement them in locations where people can sit down and charge their phones like libraries and maybe some teachers’ classrooms.” Xuan wants to bring a sense of technological innovation to the school that is seemingly missing. “We want to broadcast March Madness on the TVs around school. We can have any major events up. I got this idea from Riverwatch Middle School. They play ESPN day around. So why don’t we do something like that?” Xuan also wants to make next school years’ homecoming the best claiming that it will be a: “Homecoming, they won’t forget.” He states, “I try not to make empty promises and try to make promises into reality.” Ultimately, Xuan wants to bring “an overall better school spirit” to the next school year. He wants to “bring Lambert together as a whole” and promote “a friendly and accepting environment.”


“I plan to bring back Chick-Fil-A onto campus so that all of us can have that privilege during block days,” a bold claim from Chris Park, a candidate for Junior class vice president. Park delved into how he plans on providing the students with the enjoyment of having their favorite breakfast menu, including the infamous chicken biscuit, and wide variety of additions to the current lunch menu. He emphasizes his position to stand as a mic for the student voice to present a fun and entertaining year for the Longhorns. With his past experience in establishing his own Taekwondo club in the school, he plans to be an hardworking individual by “taking time into student council, assisting the president to make executive orders, and helping to make school a better place.”


Micah Espy, a candidate running for Junior class president, claims that his goals are to “give Lambert the best it can have and make sure everyone feels a sense of community.” Espy promises: “to give the best pep-rallies and make prom as best as it can be; same with Homecoming.” Espy wants to “help organize events, make sure everyone feels a sense of community and that everything runs smoothly.”