Lambert Dance Company delivers emotional performance


To show madness, the company performs a variation of Alice in Wonderland.

To open the show, the company performs to Ariana Grande’s “Into You” to show the emotion of lovestruck.

The Lambert Dance Company presented their performance Emotions from Thursday, December 1st to Saturday, December 3rd. 

The Lambert Dance Company is a student-led group that spends 3.5 hours practicing each week to bring together a show at the end of each semester. The group is sponsored by Angela Burgess and Kelsey Hill.

The performances range from jazz to lyrical to contemporary with a bit of hip hop. They convey emotions such as invigorated, ambitious, longing, and even salty.

The idea of Emotions came after last year’s December show, when the company came together to vote on a theme. “We wanted to portray emotions as high school students,” Secretary Sydney Glogowski said, “….and in life as a whole.”

Once a theme is chosen, the choreographers audition their dances, and the officer decides which ones to use in the show. Afterwards, the company spends time rehearsing.

Newcomers Grace Anderson and Olivia Nogales both had similar things to say about joining the dance company. With the slogan “the family that dances,” the girls say that the company was chaotic, but fun. Not only have they gained new friends from the company, but they’ve gotten to support each other and know each other in both personality and style. “It’s made me feel more as a part of the school,” Glogowski said, commenting on how the dancer are super close as they share a love for dancing.

Dancer Patrick Bullock picks up Lacey Ewers in the opening dance.


Together as a family, the dancers work hard. Aside from the formal practices from 4 to 5:45 every Tuesday and Friday, the dancers have dance days on Saturday from 8am to 4pm. This doesn’t include the unofficial practices, which are scheduled by the choreographers in their own time. These can range from 20 minutes to 4 hours and begin a month prior to the show. “I have at least five hours practice each week,” Glogowski said.

Thanks to the dancers’ hard work and dedication, the performance was a hit. “I thought they were phenomenal,” parent Laura Zaleski said. Friends and family came to support the dancers they knew. “I came to support my friends,” 9th grader Morgan Kleckley said, “They did a great job. My favorite dance was Regret.”

The audience got to see not only an array of dances, but also performances from other students as well. While waiting for Anxiety, viewers listened to freshman Adriel Carrión sing “Say Something.” The audience also cheered for senior Shannon Malone when she sang “Youth” by Daughter to her guitar.

The company dances to “When I Grow Up” by Pussycat Dolls to show ambition.

The dancers enjoyed the show as well. One of the dancer’s favorite parts of the show was the costumes. “I like being the bunny,” Nogales said, referring to her role as the White Rabbit, “and the lyrical costumes are pretty.”

As for what is coming up from the Lambert Dance Company is to be decided after the show. “After the December show, they all go to Senora’s room…” Nogales said. Glogowski said, “I have a feeling about a good theme for the spring show.”