Lambert FBLA sweeps at region competition


Photo taken by Mary Beth Jager

Part of Lambert FBLA’s chapter at Perry Georgia for the Georgia FBLA fall rally.

FBLA is a career and technical student organization that develops business and leadership skills within students. The club has grown in size since the opening of Lambert High School and now has more students than ever before. Lambert FBLA has monthly meetings where members can learn about service opportunities available to them. In addition, members are also able to compete with students from other chapters, exercising the business skills they’ve learned within the club.

Lambert FBLA continues to strive for greatness by being the largest chapter in the state of Georgia. Last week on January 19th, Lambert FBLA claimed 3rd place at the Georgia FBLA Region 11 Leadership Conference. The chapter secured 61 individual medals with its 500 active members lead by advisor and business instructor, Susan Fagan.

The following students will be advancing to state competition for their respective categories:

Accounting I

Ben Spitzer – 5th

Lara Kruger – 9th

Morgan Mauk – 11th

A’tiana Cooper – 16th

Jessie Bowman – 17th

Nathan Jung – 20th

Banking & Financial Systems

Sheza Chaudhry (Team – 1st)

Esha Patra

Business Calculations

D J Barber – 8th

Andrew Hama – 11th

Tyler Radtke – 14th

Stuart Reese – 17th

Business Communication

Maddie Campbell – 7th

Business Plan

Justin Ahn (Team – 1st)

Mehul Kumar

Nikhil Reddy


Cameron Reaves – 3rd

Austin Ray – 6th

Leah Cote – 14th

Molly Williams – 20th


D J Barber

Future Business Leader

Royce Dickerson – 3rd

Global Business

Leah Cote – 3rd

Intro to Business Communication

Erin Kim – 2nd

Rachel Zhou – 8th


Intro to Financial Math

Nithik Balachandran – 7th

Eric Ahn – 8th

Alex Reyman – 13th

Intro to Information Technology

Zach Minot – 1st

Aidan Leahy – 9th


Mahima Siripurapu – 5th

Management Decision Making

Royce Dickerson (Team – 1st)

Sai Kilaru

Sayuj Shajith

Jordan Baker (Team – 2nd)

Ishaan Bhasin

Jithu Tirumala

Katie Anderson (Team – 3rd)

Maxwell Kimble

Management Information Systems

Allen Seo (Team – 2nd)

Darren Yu


Personal Finance

Morgan Mauk – 13th

Paul LaHood – 14th

Alexis Kibbe – 15th

Public Speaking I

Lucia Morris – 3rd

Website Design

Manas Angalakuduti (Team – 3rd)

Zach Minot

Anna Zhao