Lambert’s Doctors Without Borders Club Donates Handmade Cards to a Local Hospital

The new Doctors Without Borders club in Lambert High School showed their appreciation by creating personalized thank you cards for healthcare workers in order to spread holiday cheer and demonstrate gratitude. 

This club partnered with Unicef, Beta, and Operation Smile for this initiative. 

“It’s more about getting as many cards as we can, and touching the hearts of many people,” Sristhi Talati states, a co-president of Doctors Without Borders.  

These thank you cards will then be hand delivered to the Northeast Georgia hospital in Gainesville by one of the Doctors Without Borders president, Alison Lafayette. She has a special relationship with the hospital since she interns there. 

“Up in Gainesville the amount of Covid positive patients that they are dealing with is immense,” Lafayette responded when asked about why the presidents decided to choose this specific hospital. “Almost every room is a quarantine room, and it’s very difficult for healthcare workers to work in such conditions, and they’re still going everyday so I thought that they deserved a nice, little thank you.” 

The Lambert Doctors Without Borders club was established this year as another branch of the Doctors Without Borders association. In this club, students focus on the various aspects of healthcare and healthcare workers by providing humanitarian relief in the best way they can. 

Doctors without Borders organizes various fundraisers, guest speakers, as well as socializing events. They also team up with the UGA chapter and are able to participate in the various events that are organized by the university.

“You will have so many friends in this community.”  Lafayette states. “They [UGA] have over 3,000 people in this club and the opportunities to meet them over  zoom and to get interviews from doctors and professors is honestly astounding.” 

Although Doctors Without Borders is a new club at Lambert high school, they seem to already be making their mark by giving students at this school the opportunity to make connections and help the healthcare community.