Miss Universe 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia


On November 7th, Miss Universe 2019 was confirmed to be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 28th to December 8th. 

The competition will be using Tyler Studios located in the middle of  Hartsfield -Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Downtown Atlanta. The network is pleased to welcome back Steve Harvey for his fifth year hosting the pageant. 

 “All right, let’s get it out of the way. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Is that the guy from last year? Did they bring back that guy from last year?’ Well, they did. It’s me. I’m back,” Harvey deadpanned. “Been a long year getting here too, cause boy, I paid the price for last year.”

said Steve Harvey looking back on his 2015 Miss Universe mix up. 

Image Source: Forbes.com


Miss Universe announced the pageant’s air date will be December 8th at 7 pm on FOX. 


This year, Cheslie Cryst will be representing The United States in the competition. Before focusing on Miss Universe, Cheslie worked as a full-time attorney with a law and bachelor’s degree. On top of her interest in law, Cryst supports programs such as Dress for Success and runs her own fashion blog. 


Be sure to tune in to the 68th anniversary of Miss Universe 2019 this December!